General Information

CS95 2.0 Turbo Intellectual Elite

Powerful to the core

Simplicity is CS95’s design aesthetic
We emphasized essential elements through succinct visual language. We then integrated simple design into extraordinary functions.

Interior & Exterior

Detailed Specs

  • Fuel tank capacity: (64 Litres)
  • Seats : 7
  • Engine type : AWD (All wheel Drive)
  • Engine capaciy : 2.0 LT Turbo Intellectual Elite
  • Transmission : 6AT
  • Max.rated power(kW/ps): 171
  • torque(N·m): 365
  • 19 inch Alloy Wheels with Tyre size 245/55/R19
  • Spare tire
  • Min. Ground Clearance-Unloaded(190 mm)
  • Driver & Passenger side airbag
  • side airbag for Front & Second row(each one left and right)
  • Side aircurtain(each one left and right)
  • Tire Pressure Measurement System TPMS(direct mode)
  • Engine electric antitheft system
  • Engine electric antitheft and lock-up system
  • central control lock of in-car
  • control lock of remote central
  • warning of releasing parking brake
  • Child safety lock
  • Child seat fixtures (ISO-FIX)
  • Door open/closed alarm reminder(five doors display independent)
  • Smart and remote key
  • Vehicle searching function
  • remote trunk unlock
  • Remote trunk open/close
  • Keyless entry(front doors, back door)
  • Keyless start(push-button mode)
  • anti-skid brake system(ABS)+Electric Brakeforce
  • Distribution(EBD)
  • Emergency brake assist (BA)
  • Car body stability control / traction control system(TCS)
  • Hill-start hold control (HHC)
  • Hill Descent Control (HDC)
  • Dynamic brake force (DBF)
  • EPB
  • auto hold
  • Hydraulic support rod for engine cover
  • C-NCAPnew five stars
  • Intelligent automatic luggage case
  • started by Foot induction for luggage case
  • equipment of saving yourself for luggage case
  • electronic lock of Fuel tank lid
  • linkage unlocking  for luggage case, central control lock, fuel tank
  • Decorative cover for engine
  • Hood noise guard cotton
  • battery decorative cover
  • 6at gearbox (with sport, snow, and eco mode)
  • Eco with the best fuel saving mode
  • Remote Engine Start
  • The driving computer – LCD display (total mileage
  • \accumulated mileage\ remaining mileage
  • \average fuel consumption\ maintenance tips\
  • travel time)
  • Combination instrument with TFT LCD screen (4-5 inches)
  • Combination instrument display items (engine speed\ speed\water temperature\ mileage\tip for without working of safety belt\gear display\four-wheel drive mode )
  • high level leather steering wheel
  • up down adjust for steering wheel(manual)
  • forward rear adjust for sterring wheel(manual)
  • multifunctional steering wheel(Entertainment button integration)
  • multifunctional steering wheel(all functions button integration)
  • electric lock of steering wheel
  • Energy-absorbing steering column
  • EPS
  • electric adjustable seat for 8 directions
  • Seat, lumbar support, electric pneumatic adjustment
  • Seat back storage bag
  • Headrest up down adjustable (manual)
  • electric adjustable seat for 4 directions
  • electric adjustable seat for lumbar support
  • The seats at second row can be tilted, flat, slither, and
  • 4/6 seat split
  • Three points seat belt (including center seat, left side restraint)
  • Manually assisted access to third rows (with assistance)
  • Center seat headrest
  • Headrest up and down adjustable (manual)
  • Central armrest (with cup holder)
  • Third row seat (split type)
  • The third row seat can be 5/5 split, foldable and flat to the floor
  • Microfiber + PVC leather seat material
  • Seat slide cover
  • Three temperature zone automatic constant temperature air conditioner
  • independent air conditioner at Rear row(automatic)
  • control panel for air conditioner at rear row(tail of central control)
  • Cruise  control (steering wheel integration key)
  • LED headlamps
  • Automatic headlamp (automatic opening / closing during travel
  • Rear fog lamp
  • Led reversing lamp (two units)
  • height adjustable in manual and electric for
  • Headlight
  • Led turn signal light (rearview mirror integration)
  • Tail fiber+ led composite headlamp
  • Emergency braking warning function (emergency brake double flashing)
  • LED high position brake light
  • Daytime Running Light
  • Glove box lamp
  • front door electric window
  • rear door electric window
  • four doors one button ascend and descend(anti- clamping)
  • Key remote control window
  • 360 degree panoramic image

Highlighted Features

Lane Departure Warning

The latest Bosch MPC2Plus camera alerts the driver, should the vehicle drift from the lane.


In the event of a collision, side airbags and side air curtains absorb much of the energy of the crash, thereby reducing the impact to the driver.

Intelligent Interconnection System

In-Call offers several online services, such as navigation, intelligent assistant Xiao An, entertainment, safety, and remote car-control.

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